West56 Clothing on the Today Show's Bobbies Buzz

West56 Clothing was featured on the Today Show's Bobbies Buzz this morning during their "Five Swimwear Items with Built In Sun Protection for Kids segment" with UV-protective textiles.

Bobbie Thomas notes, "A new line West 56 that is immerging its their black and white collection line very minimal and very fashion forward. Its really smart in todays world to think about how your clothes are protecting you." 

The Daphne Dress was featured during the segment on the mannequin. The segment as well as The Aggy Top and Ravin Flared Pants are featured on Today's website in the link below. http://www.today.com/style/7-stylish-ways-dress-your-whole-family-sun-protection-t101031

Fashion-Forward: West 56:

"Think sun-safe clothing only comes in floral and tropical prints? Think again.    
West56 is a new brand geared to those of us looking for something clean, simple and chic. Made from lightweight, UV-protective textiles, each item will help shield you from the sun, keeping your temperature under control. And, yes, it all does looks very hip and cutting edge — especially the black-and-white "Cool Collection."