Dubbed the “future of fashion” by designer Alston Yang, WEST 56 emanated from a need to produce comfortable garments for the evolving tastes of the contemporary man and woman that would remain not only chic, but also modern. With a large focus of fashion shifting to functional activewear, the philosophy behind this first collection is to allow the wearer to go about their day-to-day activities without constraining their ability to move freely, while still remaining stylish.

Yang became situated on creating this type of suitably smart clothing, and would start by conceiving and producing a one-of-a-kind fabric to construct with. As a Parsons graduate, along with experience interning in production and knit design at well-known brands Derek Lam and Opening Ceremony, respectively, Yang’s knowledge of textiles is extensive. Much trial and error was spent manufacturing a technologically sound fabric for this collection, and two years later, HEATIMPACT™ was born. Offering a multitude of benefits from heat retention to anti-bacterial properties, these designs will become go-to staples for both work and play.

WEST 56 is here to bring utilitarian sportswear to new boundaries. This design aesthetic may be storming the streets, but Yang has re-interpreted this trend by incorporating textiles with nanotechnology that will not only change how you feel and look in this clothing, but how you live in this clothing. Move to the future.