The defining characteristic of West56 clothing is undoubtedly the high tech performance textile we use to construct our garments. Given the name HEATIMPACT™, this fabric was developed by designer Alston Yang, taking two years to perfect.

Japanese technology was adopted to create this original heat generating fabric, in which special agents are added to the multiple complex fibers in nanometer size during the weaving process, and then brushed through. This technique gives the overall textile numerous favorable aspects. Unlike cotton or linen, this man-made fabric is non-deforming and will hold shape better. It is also safer for those with allergies, as the additives have anti-bacterial and anti-odor features. Additionally, this fabric offers moisture wicking capabilities to keep you cool and dry when needed.

Above all else, HEATIMPACT™ is comfortably soft, smooth, and flexible. Meant to get you where you need to go while staying sleek, this smart textile is the ultimate in modern versatility.